Becoming an Online Sensation Through Proper SEO Techniques

One of the many ways that aspiring singers have been discovered and driven to national and international fame is through the internet. The World Wide Web has become a powerful tool for people to realize their dreams.

Becoming an Online Star Through SEO Marketing

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The internet, paired with other social media platforms and applications like Facebook, YouTube, Vine, etc., has made it possible for aspiring singers to be recognized; some by accident, some by actually dedicating time and effort to increase visibility in the Web through SEO.

In fact, some of the many singers in the industry started out as music enthusiasts who happen to love recording themselves in a video and then posting it on YouTube. When people search for great covers of particular songs, their videos pop instead of the original artists, and when people love a version, they start sharing it until it goes viral and demands for international attention.

This is the reason why a lot of aspiring singers now have decided to input online visibility as a great contributor to stardom, and I for one have been harnessing the power of the internet to help me reach out to a lot more audience.

Sometimes, you won’t even need to be part of national TV. Nowadays, being a YouTube star or online star alone is already enough stardom for people to follow you and your music. This is true for a lot of people who especially sing and write songs not just for the fame but more importantly, to be heard and get messages across.

I really hope that we all get that spot of limelight soon, whether we reach national and international fame or become online sensations, as long as our voices start getting heard, then we know we are on the right track.

Singer Harnesses SEO Marketing To Reach Fans

I think I have ran out of local singing competitions to join into.  I have won back to back championships on annual local contests and now they have asked that I only perform instead of compete because they all know that I was going to win if I joined.

For the local community where I live in, I was already that good. However, whenever I try to go national and compete at singing contests that are sometimes even for live broadcast, I always end up losing; not making the cut; not yet good enough.

Where do I go from here, then? What do I do when I can’t compete locally because I am too good for the local scene, but I can’t compete nationally because I am too raw for that level?

After weeks of being depressed about the series of events in my attempt to achieve fame and glory as a singer, the answer to my question dawned on me – do not compete.

I would like to share with everyone that reaching the fame we wished for does not always mean that we have to join contests. We are given this gift in order to share and what better way to share it than to perform in different events, paid or unpaid. The important thing is that you continue to make people hear your voice. Singing outside a competition will actually be good for you because it will let people appreciate you more as a singer, and not just someone who sings for the prize.

Right now, I have booked several gigs in different scenes in our local area. With my background in IT, I have also decided to make a website that would inform people where I would be performing. I made sure that my website is equipped with proper SEO marketing so that people searching for me won’t be taken to any other website but mine.

I hope you would all get a little lesson from my story. The moral of it all is that its not just through competitions that we could make it big. We will make it big as long as we keep singing our hearts out and getting our voice out there. So if any of you are in a depressed state right now, I urge you to snap out of it and seize the day with positive vibes.

Singer aspirant tries SEO marketing to make people know about her

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Singer Uses SEO Expert Skills To Make Her Website Gain More Followers

I have been singing since I was a toddler, so my mommy says. And I believe her. I am never as confident and as ease as I am when I sing. I sing in the shower, I sing during family gatherings, I sing at school and I sing whether or not people are out there to hear me. I just know that I was born to sing and I am happier too, that my parents, especially my mom, supports my dream to try my very best to reach stardom through this talent.

Aspiring Singer uses SEO expert skills to make her website reach more people

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I have joined a lot of singing contests, some on local tv, others in the local radio, while some during local events. Everything has always been at a local level and of course at first, I was already happy with these achievements. I understood that stardom was not reached overnight and that perseverance will be the biggest key to getting there.

However, I also have to act, and one of the many things that I have recently started doing is creating a fan page. Of course, at the beginning, there is not much online visibility. First it was just my family and friends, then some of my classmates also started following. Then, slowly, as I joined more competitions and graced more events, the local community has also started seeing me online. Thankfully, a friend of mine is also working as an SEO expert and he helped me make my website become much more reachable my making it rank atop the search engines through various keywords.

In fact, through my site, I had instances when I was the one that contests scouts would contact, instead of me going to them to try and audition. Slowly, things are turning out okay and I am sharing this tidbit of a top so that you can all also try to create your own websites and see where the online world can take you and how much it would help you reach our ultimate goal.